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We have recently been working with a local Vineyard in producing a new range of Wine labels for them.

Due to the labels being the final part of the whole set up process, costs were an issue, so we recommended we should produce the labels using a digital process, which would mean there wouldn’t be any prohibitive plate making costs.

The client also expressed an interest for Gold Foil to be included on the Labels, which would normally be produced using either by hot, or cold foil, which is a secondary process, usually off line.

We have recently developed a process whereby Gold Foil can be produced digitally and printed at the same time as the Four colour process element. This process involves us printing onto a Silver Polypropylene, with a White Opaque.

We also included a Matt flood coat UV varnish which will seal the print and offer greater protection against scuffing and if the labels were to come into contact with any other liquid which may damage the printed surface.

As part of the proofing process we strongly recommend that our clients perform a typical application to ensure that the label stays stuck to the bottle and there aren’t any quality issues. We will always ask whether the bottle will be placed in a chiller, or an ice bucket, so that we can make sure that the correct adhesive is used.

One other important factor is to know whether the labels will be hand, or machine applied. If they are machine applied we will need to know what the orientation of the label will be when it’s taken from the roll.

For this particular project the client would be using a semi automatic label applicator and needed both front and back labels to be on the same roll.

We worked together with the client to calculate the exact gap required between the front and back label. This information is crucial and must be correct before the cutter is produced.

Even then before the main print run was produced we printed a ‘dummy’ roll and ran a typical application to make sure that both the front and back labels were applied in the correct position.

Everything was approved and we produced around 15,000 front and back labels, over Three versions, White, Rose and Red.

Complimentary bottles of wine were given to the staff by the client, so I guess they were pleased with what we produced for them.

We have also been working with Avery Dennison on producing a new, improved range of Wine Label material.


Created: 06-Oct-14


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