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Blackdown Fernhurst Printers, based on the Hampshire, Surrey, Sussex borders have been busy during this month producing Waterslide Transfers for a local company who distribute their product world wide.
This process involves working with specialist material and Foil inks.


The specialist inks and varnishes have to undergo stringent tests in the laboratory which simulate and accelerate time up to Three years to insure the colours are light fast and the varnishes remain clear. 


Blackdown also produce the header card that the transfers are packed into and carry out all of the finishing, which involves packing Six of each design into a clear Polypropylene self seal bag and sticking a bar code to each of the packs.
We have produced a total of 48,000 transfers over Four designs.


If you have a complicated specialist job, why not try Blackdown Surrey Printers to manage it for you. We have over Thirty years experience and were accredited second tier supplier for Estee Lauder in 2012, which says it all really!


Created: 22-Jul-14


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