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We’ve had a very busy start to 2014 producing Candle Wraps and Label strips for The White Company!

There were Four different Wraps, Three small and One large.

Both the Wraps and Label Strips were printed lithographically in a single colour Grey.

The material that we used to print the Wrap was an off White in colour, which meant we had to print a very pale ‘flood coat’ colour onto the material we used to print the Label Strips so that they would both match in colour, as this was a specific requirement by the client.

We had to submit ‘Wet’ proofs to the client of both the Wraps and Label Strips, which in true Blackdown style were signed off ok to proceed!

Once printed the Wraps had to be die cut to shape and the Label Strips had to be ‘Kiss’ cut so that they could be removed easily from the backing paper.

We then had to apply a self adhesive strip to the right hand side of the Wrap.

The total order was for 18,200 units!

The entire project took nearly Two months to complete!, all on schedule I might add and One very happy client!

Blackdown are based on the Hampshire, Surrey, Sussex borders and have been supply print for all manner of products and projects for over Thirty years.

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Created: 17-Feb-14


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