First order following Estée Lauder approved supplier.


Our first project was to produce Three component parts for a candle produced for Jo Malone of London. The candle wrap, swing tag and a circular lid.

All three component jobs would also need to be die cut out to shape.

This was quite challenging as the colour had to be very accurate.

Before we could proceed with the main print run we had to submit wet proofs of the wrap, die cut and creased to make sure the colour was correct and that the mechanism would work when wrapping the candle.

When producing the Wrap we found that we had to measure the density of the solid colour when the ink was wet. This was because as ink dries the colour changes slightly. This was quite tricky as we had to run several tests, then allow the ink to dry overnight to make sure that the final dry print matched the colour correctly.

For anyone that understands print, this process can be a problematic as we were printing a full out solid, on both sides, onto an uncoated stock!

But true to form we were successful and the client is very pleased with the finished product. Well done to all of the team for producing this specialist print job.

We also had to submit die cut wet proofs for the swing tag. We used the same process with this, measuring the density of the wet ink, so that when the ink dried back, the final colour was correct.

For the plain circular lid we duplexed the material up to 54ogsm so that it was strong enough to support the material at the top of the candle. The process is when Two sheets of a lighter weight are fussed together to produce a heavier card. In our case we used 270gsm duplexed together to achieve the heavier weight of 540gsm.

Once all of the candle wraps had be printed we had to apply a strip of double sided tape to one end so that the Two ends would stick together when wrapped around the candle.

The final print run was 5,500 of each component part.

This project was produced in conjunction with Contract Candles of West Sussex.

Please see below some images showing each part of the process.


Created: 11-Apr-13


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